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Reasons for 

Inbound Call Services

  • The telephone ranks as the highest and most preferred customer service channel to date - 79%

  • Around 71% of customers would still continue to use their phone for all their customer care needs.  People still want a live human interaction. 


  • Yes, the world may have been invaded by automated "self-serve" Interactive Voice Response System, but nothing beats the human voice and personality.  This is were Magellan is very strong at, we have knowledgeable people and resources to support your inbound call services. 

Outbound Call Services

Lead Generation Services

Magellan Solutions’ outbound call center services help organizations to sell their products or reach out to new and existing customers with poise and professionalism.


The company has been handling various direct marketing and outbound-related campaigns for 13 years, with existing clients from energy, education and retail industries at the helm.


These years of experience in the outbound call center industry is backed by its latest technology infrastructure, rigorous training sessions, quality assurance monitoring and a highly trained call center team. The result is increased sales and improved ROI using the best outbound call center strategies.

Acquiring sales and marketing leads is a competitive business. Outsourcing to a lower-cost with a skilled workforce could improve ROI.


In outsourcing lead generation, requirements vary. From increasing acquisition of leads, improving quality of leads or to simple lead qualification or lead nurturing thru marketing campaigns, varied skill sets and varying organizational setups may be required.


Magellan Solutions offers lead generation services for different industries. We specialize in recruiting professionals onshore and offshore that specialized roles in your lead generation campaign. The best results for your business is often dependent on being able to visualize and communicate the particular needs of your company.

Live Answering Service

Multilingual Call Center 

Back-Office Support

Does your business need a high-quality 24/7 phone answering service to take important calls? 


Let Magellan Solutions, a top provider of live answering services and appointment reminders company, take care of them today.


The answering service call center serves both dedicated and shared projects.

This our pricing model:
Dedicated team – custom hourly rates
Shared service – per minute and bundle rates available

Magellan Solutions offers multilingual call center support for different types of businesses requiring phone agents who speak and understand one or two foreign languages. We now have a team of professional agents who can provide language support 24/7.

We support the following languages:

French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia, and Thai

Magellan Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of BPO solutions to accommodate all business’ back-office support. Including email and chat management services. 


Its client list has been expanding each year and it has decided to up the ante and offer new ones. Magellan has very satisfied clients who have trusted the company with tasks on data entry or data processing, medical coding and billing, order processing, accounting, legal outsourcing, loans service, credit card processing, loan and credit card debt collection, applied engineering, and social media customer care.

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