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  • Call Center Services 

  • Business Process Outsourcing


Magellan USA is a veteran and minority certified owned company that started in 2005 as a full Contact Center and BPO Service provider, with US Onshore (CA, TX, FL)  and Offshore (Manila Philippines) Capabilities.

Through the years we have evolved and become an organization that are experts in Healthcare Administration, IT, Energy, Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing Consultant and Services Provider.

Our Experiences:


  • 25 Years in Military Medical Healthcare, Human Resources and Contract Management.

  • 20 Years in Energy & Utilities Management and Educational Outreach Initiatives. 

  • 20 Years in IT Hardware and Software Development.

  • 15 Years in Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing




Magellan USA's mission is to provide high quality Contact Center and BPO services to Commercial Companies, Government Agencies, and Organizations Worldwide.


We can do this because we live by our five core values:


  • Integrity First

  • Excellence on All We Do

  • Provide Cost-Saving Solutions 

  • Best Practices Advocate

  • Iron Clad Security Professionals

                            "WE STRIVE TO EXCEL!"

  • E-commerce & Retail

  • Tourism & Travel

  • Entertainment

  • Banking & Finance

  • IT Service & Telecommunication

  • Health Care

  • Insurance

  • Education

  • Legal

  • Food Service

  • Automotive

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Government Services

  • IC Marketing

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